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Finmatics BMD Connect

Save 70% time through automation using artificial intelligence


Smart Digital Assistants for Accounting with BMD

As a tax accounting firm or accounting department with BMD, you face the challenge of processing a large number of documents automatically.

Since Finmatics is a premium partner of BMD you will be able to further digitalize your document processing anns save up to 70% of your time. 

The Finmatics Automation Hub uses artificial intelligence to read documents and predict G/L account, person account and tax code. This happens completely in the background and you can still work in the BMD interface.

Fast activation: Finmatics digital assistants are integrated directly into BMD NTCS and can be activated with just one click. 

Benefits with BMD and Finmatics

Perfect interaction due to two-sided interface!

Finmatics' two-sided interface with BMD allows a complete integration. You can still work in the BMD Com or BMD Go interface, like you are used to and Finmatics works in the background for you.

The Finmatics Invoice Hub separates and staples the documents you transmitted . With the innovative automated document classification it identifies the correct document type without manual stamps or barcodes.

The Finmatics Automation Hub uses artificial intelligence to read documents and predict G/L account, person account and tax code. Due to the complete integration the AI is able to learn from your booking history and make you a booking suggestion. If there is the need to change something from the suggestion, the AI will learn this correction for the next time thanks to the two-sided interaction. 

Here you can find more about our solutions. 

Your start into the digital future

Start to work with Finmatics and BMD immediately

Thanks to the already established interface between Finmatics and BMD, you can start using the complete automation potential after just a few steps.

Together, we will find the best solution for your needs in a consultation with one of our digitalization experts.

In the brief welcome meeting that follows by our Customer Success Team, the onboarding and integration dates will be agreed upon (please have the consultant number of your BMD contact person ready).

Once Finmatics is integrated successfully, you can start right away and process your first documents automated!

The exact first steps after the integration, as well as the requirements for the integration of Finmatics and BMD can be found in our Helpcenter.

Infografik_BMD Implementierung_en Kopie

How to use the full potential of Finmatics

Erwartungshaltung Infografik_en-05-05 Kopie

Even an AI develops constantly!

Our artificial intelligence will support you from the very first document upload and take over tedious and repetitive tasks for you and your team.
However, even our artificial intelligence needs some time to learn your booking history and thus be able to take over even more work for you in the future.

Be the next digital hero!

Daniel siegfried

"The bookkeeping has been relieved enormously - thanks to digital bookkeeping processes, the only thing that is checked today is whether the invoice features and the assignment have been made correctly by Finmatics. "

Daniel Seigfried
Management | Bilanzwerkstatt


“Finmatics enabled us to achieve significant time savings even in non-EU countries after only a few weeks”

Christian Braunig
Managing Director | CONFIDA, Graz


“In accounting, we increase quality and efficiency through the use of artificial intelligence so that we can take even better care of our customers. The combination of Finmatics and BMD Software is ideal for us.”

Raphaela Janauschek
Management | BENA AFS




Thanks to the rapid implementation of Finmatics' digital assistants, the Viennese law firm was able to use the full potential of artificial intelligence after only 2-3 months, thus saving a great deal of time, which they can now use to better serve their clients.

Mill - See 2-1

Tax Firm TREUHAND-UNION Klagenfurt and Millstätter See Tourismus GmbH

Millstätter See Tourismus GmbH

After the digitalization of internal office processes, TREUHAND-UNION Klagenfurt also implemented digital invoice approval solutions with its clients. For example, with Millstätter See Tourismus GmBH.


Digital accounting processes in the tax firm Bilanzwerkstatt with Finmatics


"There are a lot of exciting things we can do with our time. Typing up receipts is not one of them." Daniel Seigfried reports on the digitization of processes in the tax consulting firm.

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I’m happy to help


"It is my concern to advise our customers and interested persons in the best possible way and to make the implementation of the intelligent assistants as easy as possible."

Katharina Miller, B.A.

Key Account Manager


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